It was a great day for hiking and we were blessed with getting off the trail before the rain started.  Special thanks to our trail Leader Tom Spencer as well as Jody Alessi, Ken Kirk, Michael Blanton, Dean Burgess, Mark Boackle and Ted Hamner who organized our rest stops.  We could not have done it without you!  

Completed 20 Mile Hike 2015

  • Matthew Corsini               
  • Colin Melville                     
  • Carter Wagner
  • Joseph Dempsey               
  • Jonathan Parris                 
  • Alex Wormely
  • Cross Derriso                     
  • Jared Prather                     
  • Andrew Couture
  • Harrison Hawkins                            
  • Will Sims                                           
  • Chris Hawkins
  • James Kirk                          
  • James Spencer                   
  • Steve Parris
  • Kyle Couture                      
  • Tom Spencer