ScoutFest 2018 Campout
Point Mallard State Park
Decatur, AL
Nov. 2– 4, 2018

Scoutfest is a Greater Alabama Council Event that happens every four years at Point Mallard State Park, in Decatur, Al. There are many activities geared towards Cub Scouts, Webelos, Boy Scouts, and Venture Crews. There are vendors and interactive exhibits from various organizations to demonstrate their wares and even teach people things that they might not even be aware of. My favorite was the Wildlife Rescue Service from Oak Mountain State Park.

On Friday, we left for Scoutfest at 4:00 pm. After about a two-hour bus ride, we arrived at camp ate our sack dinners. Thanks to the adults who had camp already set-up when we arrived. At 7:30, there was a choice, you could watch The Incredibles 2 movie outdoors or you could go Ice Skating. How many state parks do you know have an Ice Skating Facility? How cool is that!

Saturday morning at 6:30 a.m. reveille played and we woke up to a chilly morning, with the temperature around 35 degrees. Not long after there was a morning run event that Andrew Laird, Gavin McAbee, and Ryan Wilhelm who decided on their own to participate in. They were the only scouts out of every scout there who participated. Great Job Guys!

There were many activities, some of these were: Ice Skating, Catapult, Axe Throwing, Obstacle Course, Fishing, and many more. In addition, there was an NYLT and Woodbadge reunion. There was also an OA exhibit area where you could learn more about their organization.

At 7:30, there was a closing ceremony with remarks from the organizers of Scoutfest, as well as a welcome speech from the Mayor of Decatur. After the mayor was done, a band known as the “Pine Hill Haints” performed some fine toe-tapping music, followed by a spectacular fireworks display. After the fireworks, the Hamner’s invited us all over to their RV for a campfire, smores, and a little SEC football. Thanks for the invite! Can you say ROLL TIDE? ☺

On Sunday morning, everyone woke up to reveille at 6:30 a.m., ate breakfast, packed up our gear, policed our campsite area, and headed off to our church service at the Point Mallard chapel. Thanks to Michael Hardin for leading the service. On the way out of town, we stopped by the Point Mallard Wildlife Refuge for a lesson on Wild Life Management areas in the US. Thank you Mr. Able for suggesting we should stop there, it was quite interesting. Congratulations to you on receiving your Woodbadge beads this weekend.

We arrived back at Trinity around 1 pm after having a great weekend of camping fun. Finally, thanks to our SPL Jonathan Parris and ASPL Colin Melville for their leadership throughout the weekend.

David Kirk
Troop 97 Webmaster