Despite the rain, we decided to stick with our plans to hike the 20 miles at Oak Mountain on January 22, 2017, and 44 Scouts and Adults showed up to meet the challenge.  The morning was perfect hiking weather, then around 1:00 PM just two miles from the 2:00 rest stop the rain began.  At the 2:00 rest stop we all huddled under an EZup tent to replenish our water and energy.  The rain and wind was hard and with a coolness in the air, we all wondered would anyone continue to complete the last 6 miles of the trek.  I looked at a Scout who had just put on a Rain jacket he borrowed from another Scout and asked: “Do you want to continue and finish the 20 miles?”.  With a firmness in his voice, he said yes sir and 14 Scouts and adults walked out into the wind and rain and continued the hike and to meet the challenge.  Each of the 14 Scouters completed the 20-mile hike and were awarded the Troop 97 20 Mile patch.  I encourage everyone to wear their 20-mile patch this Wednesday.  Special Thanks to Jody Alessi, Dean Burgess and Carter Wagner for their support of the rest stops.