Our first time to Camp Horne was a success and the break in humidity made for great weather.  There was plenty of activities including Glow Stick Orienteering Friday night with Cookies and Milk for the winning patrol. 

Saturday everyone worked and completed the Canoeing Merit Badge led by Bill Able.  The last requirement was to swamp your canoe and swim around waiting on a rescue canoe to help you out.  Swamping the canoe turned out to be the highlight of the class especially in August.  After lunch Steve Wilhelm led the Scouts on a 5 mile adventure around camp where the Scouts learned map and compass skills.  Saturday afternoon Beau Strong taught Frisbee Merit Badge including Frisbee Golf and Ultimate Frisbee.  

Saturday night the patrols prepared spaghetti dinner and entered a plate in the cooking competition.  The spaghetti was so good the adults ate up all the presentation spaghetti after the judges finished their sampling of the gourmet dinner.  A number of parents and siblings joined us for a Barbeque feast Saturday night as prepared and planned by Mark Boackle.  James Kirk decided to try his hand at fishing and returned to camp with a bucket of fish that were cleaned and cooked by Matt Howell and James for dinner. 

Thanks to Matt Howell for leading us as Senior Patrol Leader and for all the adults that came and helped out with the weekend.

Hawkish Patrol

Flaming Bear-row