This campout was unique, in that, three different groups of scouts camped separately and did their own activities. The first group was the new scouts that just crossover from Cubs. Along with them, were troop guides that help them learn basic skills about camping. The second group was 1st-year scouts who worked on the Wilderness Survival merit badge. The third group was the older scouts who worked on the Forestry merit badge, as well as working on the requirements for the Paul Bunyan Patch.

We left the church around 4:30 and headed to Camp Sequoyah. When we arrived at the main entrance we dropped off the Wilderness Survival group, so they could hike to their campsite. The rest of us rode the bus to the parking area, and then we hiked to our campsite which was not far from the wilderness survival group. After getting camp set up, we had dinner. Later that evening, the wilderness survival group played a game called the Search Light Challenge, where they had to retrieve their sleeping bags from an area that was being guarded by the adults and not get caught. At 10 pm, it was lights out and everyone went to bed.

On Saturday morning, all the scouts got up and had breakfast. After breakfast, there were planned morning activities for each group. The troop guides worked with the new scouts on basic camping skills. Mr. Russell worked with the wilderness survival scouts on how to survive off the land. Mr. Hathaway worked with the older scouts on the requirements for Forestry Merit badge and Paul Bunyan patch.

After lunch, the activities continued. The new scouts went on a five-mile nature hike around the lake. The wilderness survival group made fishing hooks and line and tried their luck fishing at the lake. The Forestry group completed their requirements and even managed to do a service project for the camp, which consisted of cleaning up some of the campsites to get them ready for Summer Camp.

During dinner, we had a brief shower and we thought we might not be able to do our evening campfire. Fortunately, the rain stopped and we were able to have our campfire. We had skits, talked about the day, and had a flag retirement ceremony. At 10 pm, it was lights out, and everyone went to bed.

On Sunday morning we woke up to a steady rain. We still enjoyed a troop provided, hardy breakfast, and broke camp in the rain. Around 10 am, we hiked over to a sheltered area to finish up the requirements that each group needed, followed by a church service. After church, we enjoyed a delicious troop provided lunch. At 1 pm we left Camp Sequoyah and arrived at the church around 2:15.

Despite the rain, the scouts had a fun weekend and learned something that they had not learned before.

David Kirk
Troop 97 Historian