What a great weekend for camping!  Our Shooting Sports went well as the Scouts went through 300 sporting clays, along with several cases ammo for rifles and black powder.  Officer Adkins worked with a number Scouts to shoot for the first time.  His patients and attention to details help a number realize they were very skilled at target shooting.  Special thanks to Mr. Holt our guest who managed the Black Powder station along with Barr Wagstaff, John Hardin and Charles Allen who managed the rifles.  After the target shooting we all had time to relax in camp to setup and prepare dinner.  The campsite was a multitude of outdoor cooking smells including: ribs, chicken, steak and hamburgers.  Saturday night we all gathered around a large 49 star American flag to reflect on 911 and what Freedom means to us. We closed the night with rip roaring game of Capture the flag which led to a good night’s sleep in the cool air of Fall approaching.  Thanks to our Patrol Leaders, Quartermasters and Senior Patrol Leader Ben Blanton  for leading us through the weekend.