On September 10-11, 2016, Troop 97 spent the weekend at Camp Sequoyah for our annual Summer Camp Wrap-up. This is a weekend devoted to finishing those incomplete merit badges from our trip to Summer Camp at the end of June. Some of our scouts need the use of the water front so this is a perfect campout to complete these badges.

For scouts who had completed their badges and were looking to earn an additional badge we have been known to spend the weekend working on Search and Rescue or Canoeing merit badges to name a few. This year we brought back a scout favorite, the Cardboard Regatta.

Each patrol was given the same amount of supplies and time to construct a “boat.” The supplies included cardboard boxes, duct tape and plastic. They were given two paddles and instructions to paddle from the pier, around the diving board and back. The fastest boat, that didn’t sink, won.

The patrols produced their “boats” and floating platforms. Ones that came to mind were a three-sided boat (I guess they used magic to keep water out instead of a fourth side), and a floating tortilla chip. And just like a real tortilla chip, it falls apart in the water.

It has been too long for me to remember which patrol actually won but the scouts had an awesome time and the adults built an awesome boat that was disqualified for nebulous reasons. Not that we are bitter or anything.

We can’t wait until the next regatta!