Have you ever wondered what would happen if you combined scouting with the Olympics? The scouts of Troop 97, both young and old, have always visited the Vulcan District Camporee at Tannehill Ironworks Historical Park for a special “Scout Olympics.” Troops from all over the district competed for supreme glory in competitions such as: string burning, flag-pole relay, bear bag hanging, pancake flipping, etc. The list goes on. Troop 97 had some very respectable results.

  • Hawk Patrol: 2nd place, pancake flipping
  • Blue-Raccoon (Combined patrol): 3rd place, orienteering
  • Raccoon Patrol: 3rd place, trolley race

On Saturday night, the night burned bright with a spectacular bonfire. The next morning the scouts left with the ambition to practice harder. Perhaps, the Troop will dominate the competition next year. As for now, we did our best.

James Kirk
Troop 97 Webmaster